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Graduates Turning To Extra Curricular Activities To Boost Employability

With a global recession going on, it is no longer a sure thing to get a degree, get a job, and be set for life. There are more and more students vying for fewer and fewer jobs. It is important to get real life skills that apply to jobs, and students are now taking this into their own hands. Undergraduates at university have always been involved in extra curricular activities, but now they are... 

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Fancy a career in Further Education?

Many graduates are now considering an education in further education but just do not know how to go about doing that. There are many different resources that one could consider using to get the information they need. If you are interested in getting information about further education programs, then you have come to the right place. To work as a teacher in state-maintained schools in England and... 

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Top 5 tips for getting your first student flat

When you become a student at any School or University, you may be moving away from your home and your comfort zone. Therefore, one of the first things you need to do, in such a case, is to look for student flats, close to the neighborhood where you will be going to school. Try to get there early to familiarize yourself with the area, and make sure there are other students like you, who also live in... 

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Bank Accounts for New Graduates

New graduates are a much sought after clientele for major banks. Quite frequently they offer special graduate bank accounts that help outgoing students to keep track of their incoming and outgoing funds. Since these graduate accounts are a very good deal, banks impose a limit on the amount of time that has elapsed since account applicants bade farewell to their alma mater. The facilities offered by... 

August 19, 2008 | Read the story »

10 Ways of Getting Graduate Finances off to a Great Start

Graduating from university is a life changing event, especially in the UK. There are the parties, celebrations and well wishers; there are also the many changes that suddenly take place. The graduate in Great Britain no longer has a well defined daily routine and foreseeable expense; instead, suddenly there is the change from student to job hunter, and job hunter to career minded worker. In many cases,... 

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The Smart Student Finance Guide

Leaving home for the very first time brings more than just the long awaited freedom: there are now books to read and study papers to draft, classes to attend and schedules to keep. In addition, for the very first time the average student will come face to face with the bills that need to be paid for everyday commodities such as rent, electricity, and laundry. Students who may have looked forward to... 

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The Best UK Student Accounts 2008-2009

Finding the best student accounts available does not have to be difficult. Instead, using readily available information can quickly and easily show you what is available for you and what may also be of advantage. The terms with which you want to become familiar are the credit interest rate, the credit card limit, and also the interest free over draft fee on a per annum basis. There are also the overdraft... 

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American Express Platinum Card – Graduate review

The American Express Platinum MoneyBack Credit Card is at the moment one of the leading cashback cards on the market, offering up to a generous 5% cashback for the first three months of spending up to a maximum £4,000. As a graduate you could could earn up to £200 on this card just by spending your hard earned cash! After the initial period three month period, the card offers a tiered cashback rate,... 

May 3, 2008 | Read the story »