What can Graduate Finance do for you? Well, in our experience as graduates things start to get complicated once you’ve left university – the loans need to be repaid, there’s a lot more to spend your money on, you have more responsibility and always need to be thinking of your next career move.

Graduate Finance is run by graduates for graduates, we offer the benefit of our experience, knowing some of the questions you are likely to be asking when facing life after university. While we might not have all the answers we can at least point you in the right direction.

So here at Graduate Finance we’ve come up with a few ways to help and make life a little bit easier.

Bank accounts - find out who offers the best deal for graduates. We list the offers for the major UK banks and explain some of the banking terms you are likely to come across as your needs become more sophisticated. Also find out who is offering the best haven for any spare cash you might have and our experiences of banking as a graduate.

Credit cards – we can show you how to drastically reduce your interest payments or possibly pay nothing.

Money management – once starting work you will inevitably find that there is more to spend your money on. Even though the financial pressures aren’t as great as when you are a student the chances are you’ll still need to manage you affairs carefully. We have some handy tips for managing your money and budgeting.

Student loans – know when you have to start repaying and how much.

Jobs – whether you are looking for your first job or your next move we list over 50 sites and review over half of them. Most of the listed sites are dedicated to graduates. Find out the basics of the tax system and what salary packages offered to you really mean.

Postgraduate - some useful advice if you are thinking of pursuing postgraduate study. We list the major bodies which offer funding.

Resources – we list a range of internet sources from finding a place to rent, to travel information and general reference material which may be of use at work. Bookmark graduate finance and you will have access to all these sites stored in one place.

Share your experiences with other graduates – read other people’s financial tips, advice and pitfalls.